Prof. Sunil Dharane
Prof. Sunil Dharane, Founder & Managing Director, has been active in the field of hands-on Management, Education, Training and Consulting for 20 years after initial exposure of 5 years to field work in Sales & Marketing, Supervision, Training and Administration.

This evolved his prime expertise in Business Management / Administration, Mission Management, Sales & Marketing and Education Management / Training in Skills, Attitudes & Behaviour.

He has earned his abilities from corporate managerial experience, training managers and educating students. He has led successfully management institutes / colleges as the Director and pioneered a pattern in Management Education as against the conventional one.

He has led the Tailor-made Training Corporation™ as a Trainer & Director. Has contributed original work in Skills, Attitude & Behaviour. He is the creator of specialized programmes Building Blocks – Toolkit for Enriched Life™, Magic In Mind – Its all in the mind™ !, Management Commandos Training Programme™ and Inner Strength™. He has led Cultural, Social and Environmental activities too.

He is an honest believer and follower of learning as a Continuous Process and the evolving experience of his journey from a Trainee to Trainer and Manager to General Manager to Director in a spectrum of business environments and spheres of Education & Training will always render significant leadership in the pursuit of creating and nurturing a unique new ‘world’ of Education, Research & Training.

Mrs. Irene Gonsalves

She is Joint Managing Trustee and also heads overall Operations owing to her long standing corporate experience of 25 years in Support Systems, Customer Care, Human Resource Management, Training & Development and General Management.

Teaming, hard work, practice, flexibility and sportsmanship are essential qualities for efficient Management, the significance and relevance of which she has drawn from and demonstrated by winning championships in athletics and also by being a certified aviation professional.

She is also a recipient of Industrial Service Excellence Award for Women from Government of Maharashtra.

Maverick Education Trust and all its constituents find her a strong support and solid contributor for daily management, gradual progress and overall growth.