The Surest way to Boost your Sales…
And subsequently achieve all other goals of your company effortlessly!
To understand this, lets rate some functions or happenings in every Company, however small or large they are. Lets indicate Improvement / Increase and Decline / Decrease by PLUS and MINUS respectively.

Plus (Increases…)

Sales Volume
Average Sale Size
Sales Productivity (calls-to-close ratio)
Customer compliments/appreciation
Additional New Business
Acceleration of process of learning through experience.

Minus (Decreases…)
Sales Force Turnover
Customer Complaints
Pay-back period on recruitment & training costs
Period for Company to achieve goals as planned for.

Now, if you consider what has increased and what has decreased, you will find that both ‘Increase’ and ‘Decrease’ effectively put the company in Plus. So PLUS + MINUS = PLUS
Hence, won’t you like to do that gives your Company this PLUS ?
Your answer is YES, because any company would act to GROW !

All that your Company has to do is: Induce Proper Sales Training.

Studies all over the world have proven that disciplined, trained salesmen produce better results than those without training or with improper training.

Observations, opinions and experiences have enabled us to develop our lists of PLUS and MINUS.

Please go through these lists once again and ask yourself :
Will it not be advantageous to induce their training and help my Company grow ?

If you are dedicated to your Company, your answer has to be YES. And only if your answer is YES, please read on.

Why Our Programmes ?y
Our Sales Training Programmes are specially designed to suit the requirements of your company, your product (s) and your salesmen of any desired cadre and are delivered by experienced Trainers.
Our induction programmes get your salesmen operational as quickly as possible so as to reduce the pay-back period on your investment on recruitment and training costs.
Our refresher programmes narrow the gap between needs of the job as per analysis and the salesmen’s actual performance, thereby maximizing salesmen’s contribution within a planned period.
We also design and deliver certain programmes which are needed because of strategic changes made by your company.

We have also developed a system by which we can form pre-and post-training analysis to arrive at a concrete conclusion, thereby rendering both of us satisfaction of results.
Plus, the programmes guarantee all that is mentioned in our lists of PLUS and MINUS.

Think this over and since you would like to systemize your sales activities, boost your sales, discipline your salesmen, reduce your sales force turnover, increase productivity…induce overall growth in your organization, we are sure, you will reach us.