Separate Versions for :

Children (Age 4 -12)
Teenagers & Young Adults (Age 12 – 25)
Adults (Age 25 & above)
Inner Strength™ : Learning to be strong from inside !
The objective of this programme is to develop children’s Inner Strength by equipping them with the founding skills and tools for success and the techniques to face and overcome the setbacks and failures without letting them have any life- long or long-term adverse effect.
Though the experience of undergoing the programme and the wonderful results it brings out can not be estimated by description below, we intend to give only a brief outline of the structure of the IS :

With Parents :
Methodology : Interactive & Participative
Day 1 : Duration : 3 Hrs

Parents’ Workshop : A rapid journey with the contents of the programme to enable parents relate to what would go on with their children, how it will benefit them and their child(ren) throughout life. At least one parent is expected to attend though both would be splendid !
With Children :
Methodology : Play-way, Interactive and Participative. Skits, Slides, Role-plays, Simulations, Paper & Pen Activities, Audio-Video
Day 2 : Duration : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
I wish to tell you my opinions ! (Pre-training assessment)
Lets enjoy together ! (Ice Breaker)

I feel it from inside ! (Self-motivation)
I am attentive ! (Focus)
I am always optimistic ! (Practical techniques for developing optimistic attitude and tough-mindedness)
Day 3 : Duration : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Smile, please ! (Magic of smiling )
I think good about myself ! (Self-Image)
I am confident ! (Assertiveness)
I can solve problems ! (Problem-solving) &
I can make decisions ! (Decision-making)
I appreciate and trust my abilities ! ( Self-esteem)
I wish to tell you my opinions again now ! (Post-training assessment)
Follow-up using Exercise Sheets at home
The programme is created & designed by Prof. Sunil Dharane and expressly facilitated by him and/or his supervision.
All rights reserved.