visionInvolvement and observations in business have rendered the promoters an opportunity to undergo and study problems related to manpower. After analyzing the recurring problematic circumstances commonly related to personnel in almost all business houses, it was noticed that on one hand the business-houses are interested in productivity in general, to cope up with the competitive market environment and on the other hand, the candidates are not preconditioned to suit the requirements of job, may it be any type.

This clearly indicated that to enhance the productivity in general, preconditioning and equipping of candidates for the concerned work environment is absolutely essential. Even the existing personnel of organizations must keep themselves improving so as to remain competent to face the ever changing business environment.

This can be achieved through Training. But training has to be a Qualitative and Continuous process made interesting by designing, selecting and implementing right combination of inputs. We find tremendous room for our organizations to improve the quality of manpower first and foremost, to survive and grow in the tough times to come, triggered by globalisation.

Hence, we recognize the existing potential and foresee an exceeding growth in this potential for our activities in Education and result oriented specialized tailor-made as well as standardized training; designing training inputs; ready-made training aids; publications etc. All we need to do is organize all our resources and give it our best !